The Luxury Resin Interior Technique (LRIT) paves the way for a new line of luxury for exciting, unique interior elements.

This new material was invented by Dodo Newman, who combined the liquid resin with various Swarovski Crystal elements, precious and semi-precious stones.

The impressions of the liquid crystallized resin on various materials can be further enhanced by the installed LED lightening in the edges of the elements, making the Crystals more sparkling. It is a perfect material for bespoke, hand finished luxury interiors on land, water and air.



The crystals and precious stones covered illuminated surfaces make any interior special. The uniqueness is also guaranteed by the artistic touch of Dodo Newman.

The invented material allows a wide range of usability, implemented on glass or Plexiglas surface, wood or aluminium. It also allows to create various bended forms and curves to make the interior element more exciting and suitable for the desired purpose.

  • super yachts

  • private jets

  • luxury villas

  • hotel/office spaces

The LRIT elements can be integrated individually or together in different ways. They can be also implemented in a glass or Plexiglas surface in a see through, extraordinary way. Each element is different in the front and the back, reflecting different effects from either sides.


One more thing

Luxury Resin Interior Technique was selected in 2013 to the Top 100 Ultra-Luxury items in the World. In the overall selection it was placed at the 3rd place overtaking the signature creations of Chopard, Bentley, Rolls Royce and other well-known brands.

It was especially a great honour, since the Ultra Luxury Trend Report allows to have the foresight into what ultra luxury trends will be important in the forthcoming years.